Hybridized Construction

Hybridized Construction
is an example of the way we can synthesize these three spheres of human need; social, economic, and ecologic. Socially: it was built as a labor of love for our associate pastor and his new wife by our community members. Our prep-school students also benefited in that this was their vocational training assignment. The empowering effects of the simple construction techniques brought in even children, and those who otherwise would have been intimidated by any building adventure. Economic: The use of these materials to build with prove once and for all that " there is no such thing as garbage; only ill thought and irreverent behavior towards the created order." It is also a manifestation that: "we trip over most all we need in life on the way to the store to buy it." You know how we pay to live in our homes....... the sustainable features of this structure will at some point soon pay its occupants to be in it. I am referring to the virtues of building out-of-pocket, being empowered, low utilities, low maintenance, and fresh food. Ecologic: This is not a green building..... this is a sustainable solar structure that has amplified the value of the term "indigenous." It has a "footprint" that with further enhancements should set a precedent for all sustainable construction. In the original prints as much attention went into the appropriate technologies as the combining of the alternative materials.

tiresRammed Earth Tire is the foundation for the Hybrid. They are there behind the beautiful river rocks you see. The fit is ideal in that a 15" tire leaves a nice ledge on either side of the bale. There are 25 tons of rock buried in channeled compartments under the floors. The soil from these excavations filled the tires. Two bright young men were given a few hours of training and from then on they led their peers in the ramming process. e.m.p.o.w.e.r.m.e.n.t. I have found but one exception to the free- ness of tires...... when we were paid a dollar a piece to take them!

Fibrecrete is the newest weapon in the arsenal newspaper against acculturated unsustainable behaviors. It is my personal favorite and came to me as I mounted a defense against the SB bad-press regarding cost per foot. In the "store-bought" SB's one of the contributing factors to unreasonable costs is the stucco systems. Both the cracking, lack of user friendliness, and cost of mix gave some ammo to degrade the true virtues of SB. F/C deals with all of the above while simultaneously redeeming one of our greatest acts of irreverence on nature. I make it out of anything that was once a tree and is headed for the land-fill. With some simple fabricated equipment it is re-pulped and re-bindered into the greatest stucco material that "can't" be bought. It is the only material I have that has ever stuck to the slick-side of a bale w/o netting! When discarded latex paint is added it gains some moisture resistant qualities. It has been used in full on weather assaults after being properly water-proofed without failure. The rest of its potential construction advantages would take up this page and more.

Canwall is a most interesting way to take children and challenged peoples alike into the use of concrete without vast amounts of training. Most contractors can "exterior" form a wall for use with concrete and a novice dare not try. Popcans allow for the building of the wall via "interior" forming. Placing the cans in a matrix of concreteis sort of like a brick wall method except the cans are in sideways. The Hybid's rubble-trench foundation that supports the solar south wall is formed this way.Placing the cans in the wall so that every other one is reversed, allows for the mouth-pieces to become the lath substitute. When coated in mortar no one knows what the wall is made of. This technique lends itself well to creative adventures like; grand curving stairwells, custom hot-tubs, arched door casings, and much more.We have no deposit on cans here....... they are literally everywhere for the taking. We had people bring us sacks full as an excuse to see what was going on with them.Contrasting their value as recycled metals (energy negative) against a tool and material for the construction of ones home seems an easy choice.

There are 102 (80#) 3-string bales in the Hybrid. A simple "post (12) and beam" with roof was first erected on an engineered site. The structure was skewed 21 degrees E. off S. axis for max.solar gain. Posts were spaced to make a perfect fit of bales both width and height. There is no expense in fastening systems as the bales were matrixed in mortar on edge. I have used all fastening methods and find this to be the best. The only stucco netting (3sheets) is that used on window, and door bucks. That′s right..... these bales are beautifully encapsulated (no cracks) without wire even though they are slick-side out. The supernatural adhesive quality of Fibrecrete! Anymore said about the vast virtues of S/B would be like preaching to the choir.

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