What We are Working Towards Next?

Out of our community conversations came numerous action ideas: Saturday Market, Town Cleanup, Sewer, Big Brother/Sister Program, Community Center, Grant Writing Classes, Town Signs, Buy Local/Shop Local, Local Area/Map Brochure, Non-profit, and Leadership Classes.


Next our Community was surveyed with 91surveys returned listing the top three priorities as Youth Activities, More/Better jobs and Improved Economy.


Out of the above Community Meetings the following has been accomplished: Saturday Market, Town Cleanup 3rd year, Community Center, Grant Writing and Leadership Classes and the forming of NCPR a non-profit. We also partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to develop a website and increase the membership in the chamber to 38 members. We partnered wtih the Town of Northport in writing a Recreation and Conservation Office grant with the State of Washington to upgrade and improve our Boat Launch and City Park Facilities. We are hoping this is working towards the goal of Improving our Economy. For more specific information see History of Horizons/NCPR.


Next on our horizon is a Youth Center. Bethel Ministries donated all of the items from the Chewelah Center that closed to Northport for a future Youth Center. Items are currently in storage donated by Chuck and Diane Wilson. We are looking for a location in which to open. Some possible site discussions are underway, we will see what comes. We have focused in the Youth Activities goal with training 4-H leaders and partnering with the WSU Human Development Class to bring a life skills class to Northport High School. We have hosted two meetings with the school to get the word out to the community about the possibility of an Online Academy starting in Northport. Check out the Northport Schools website (www.northportschools.org) for more on the Online Academy.


We are seeking to link with the Northport Schools to bring a Senior Meals program back to Northport. This summer we are hoping to have a summer youth lunch program in conjunction with the Community Garden.


Currently, we are looking for someone with a passion for heading up the Buy Local/Shop Local Project and the Local Area/Map Brochure. If you are interested we would love to partner with you to see this become a reality.

Youth Center Needs Buy Local / Shop Local Needs Local Area / Map Needs
We need volunteers willing to work with students of all ages. Location in which to open up the Youth Center. Monthly donation base to pay rent, utilities, etc. in order to keep the center open. We need an energetic volunteer to take over this project We need a volunteer to take over this project

Your donations of time, money, items, or hard work will help
to meet the continuing goals of this town.

Northport Community Preservation and Restoration


P.O. Box 967

Northport, WA 99157


Yearly Happenings

Join us for our yearly "happening" ! We will be celebrating one of those things that we do at our annual town festival. Come join the fun!

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Community Center Services

Basic office services are available at affordable prices. Fax, copies, letter writing, brochures, flyers and business cards, and hopefully more services in the future. An office space is rented to help in the sustainability of the project. Click on the link below for more information!

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