Beautiful Scenery

This would normally be the fourth feature of the second section from the home page, but we are still building this application. So here is a temporary big story for the feature that you see as 4-2. Of course, there will be more once we complete the whole system, just for now we have this little tid-bit as an example. We hope to encourage you to read more of our stories, so there are links above if you missed the spots for them everywhere else.

Plenty of room to make any kind of story we would like to share with the public, these areas are perfect to have for things upcoming or maybe something that we have recently done, or are working toward. Like it is said, the possibilities are ENDLESS! Just having fun with a little bit of this, to make an example story out of the second featured area that we offer.

Yearly Happenings

Join us for our yearly "happening" ! We will be celebrating one of those things that we do at our annual town festival. Come join the fun!

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Community Center Services

Basic office services are available at affordable prices. Fax, copies, letter writing, brochures, flyers and business cards, and hopefully more services in the future. An office space is rented to help in the sustainability of the project. Click on the link below for more information!

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