Horizons Project

History of Horizon/NCPR

First, I would like to clarify what the Horizon’s Project was all about. The Horizon project was a grant that came out of the NW Area Foundation. The NW Area Foundation was started by the Railroad as a way to give back to the states that the railroad went through. The grant was designed to get the community to dialog about poverty and its many faces. It is also focused on mobilizing people to action. This project was not a β€œcome in and change your community grant”, it focuses on dialog with your neighbors and want do you want to do.

First the grant was an 18-month long process that started in October 2006 with an informational meeting called a spotlight. The grant provided us with funds to pay for room rentals, advertising, and food for meetings, training opportunities, gas cards and baby sitting money to assist those who wanted to attend. Our history is listed in this flyer, but to summarize community members met in groups and talked about different types of poverty, our strengths and weaknesses as a community, our assets and what we would like to see done in our community. The culmination of the Study Circles was an Action Forum where the community brought up numerous ideas and sign up sheets were started of those desiring to work on the various projects. Each project in order to be carried forward needed someone to lead it. Many projects were started and are continuing on to this date. Some there were no leaders for. Again I wish to stress that these ideas for projects did not come from the Horizon Project, but from our community.

Spotlight β€“ October 2006

Had more people attending than any other community

School, mayor, people in the community – wide base representation of the community

Grant written to work with Horizon – met with mayor and community members at the mayors house to see if grant was meeting goals. In attendance: Jerry Matheson, Patsy Guglielmino, Sue Harris, Rebecca Middlesworth, Kathy Jones, Sandra Everson

Grant accepted November 14, 2006 – Term of Grant through July 2008

Study Circles – January through March 2007

81 people participated in the Study Circles

4 locations – School (youth), School (evening adults), Whitebird Tavern, CE Bldg

Thriving communities: Get community to dialog about poverty

  1. How are we connected to our community and poverty?
  2. Vision for our community – what does poverty look like here?
  3. Why is there poverty in our community?
  4. Reaching our vision and reducing poverty
  5. Moving to action

8 facilitators trained in how to facilitate meetings (Eldon Kelley, Gary and Kathy Jones,

Sandra Everson, Ron and Tish Holt, Donny Haney, Scott Douglas)

Action Forum β€“ March 2007

68 people attended

Lots of ideas – Farmers Market, Town Cleanup, Sewer Issue, Big Brother/Sister

Program, Community Center, Leadership Plenty, Grant Writing,

Steering Committee, Local Area Map/Brochure, Town Signs

Malcolm Friedman Stevens County Commissioner attended

WSU Facilitated – Shannon Gordon, Debra Kollock

Town Council – In attendance Jerry Matheson, Joe Murphy, Marge Day, Kathy Thomas

Immediate results from Action Forum – community members take action on some of the ideas.

Farmers Market – Yvonne DaTorre, Jo Gilbert

Cleanup – Art and Nina Grobben

Skills Inventory – Yvonne DaTorre

Town Sign – Art and Nina Grobben

Grant Writing Class – Sandra Everson and Rebecca Middlesworth (WSU)

Sewer Meeting – Bill Plum

Steering Committee Formed β€“ Amy Kelley, Rebecca Middlesworth, Sandra Everson, Art and

Nina Grobben, Gary and Kathy Jones, Yvonne DaTorre, Ron and Tish Holt

Leadership Plenty β€“ May through June 2007

32 people trained

3 locations – School (youth), School (adults evening), CE Bldg

3 people attended Certification Training in Moses Lake (Bill Plum, Ron Holt, Centered

Israel – youth): certified to present Leadership Plenty Training

Labor Day 2007 β€“ Celebrate with community

Booth at Lions Club Picnic

Water slide for kids


Survey – free coupon for movie or sub sandwich from Tony’s Market for completed


Community Visioning Meeting β€“ November 2007

65 to 70 people attended (youth and adults)

Community survey sent to 99157 – results at meeting

91 surveys returned

Facilitated by WSU – Shannon Gordon, Patrick Malone

3 main ideas:

  1. Improved Economy
  2. Youth Mentoring
  3. More and Better Jobs

Steering Committee revamped – Art and Nina Grobben, Sandra Everson, Gary and Kathy

Jones, Rebecca Middlesworth, Cindy Knapp

Grant Writing Seminar in Northport – attended by approximately 36 people

USDA Grant

  1. Set up community meeting for information (over 80 in attendance)
  2. Contacted agencies to write letters of support
  3. Set up volunteer hours sign up sheet
  4. Done on behalf of city council. Jerry Matheson called Sandra Everson and asked her to mobilize community to assist EcliptixNet in applying for grant.

Youth Mentoring – Partnership with WSU Human Development Class in Pullman to design

Leadership class to implement at the Northport High School

Town Cleanup – April 2007, 2008 (40 community members assisting in cleanup)

Grant Writing Seminar with Susan Howlett – Colville, WA

In attendance – Gary and Kathy Jones, Sandra Everson, Harmony Jones

Smallmart Seminar with Michael Shumman – Colville, WA

  1. Focus on developing Rural communities from the inside out
  2. In attendance – Art and Nina Grobben, Gary and Kathy Jones, Harmony Jones, Bob Merrill

Rural Communities Forum – Coeur D’Alene, ID July 2008

  1. Art and Nina Grobben presented the Northport Horizon’s Project
  2. Display Board posted to represent our community

Cutter Theater Restoration and Renovation Project Speaker – set up for Historical Society and


Improved Economy Meeting with David Bull Stevens County Tourism Director

Actions Ideas

Actions: Youth Mentoring

  1. Partnered with WSU Human Development Class
  2. 4 months – presented curriculum to NHS
  3. Prepare for college
  4. Prepare for the workplace
  5. Assembly at High School
  6. $400.00 donated to school to help fund the class
  7. Survey 9th through 12th grade – what do they need
  8. 4-H Leadership Training - Sandra Everson, Kathy Jones, Cindy Knapp, Barry Watson, Gerhard Carlson, Dean Everson and Mike Stamm

Actions: Buy Local/Shop Local β€“ Not followed through on at this time

  1. Supplies purchased to print coupons for businesses
  2. Businesses contacted to participate
  3. Needed – someone to oversee and coordinate

Actions: Improved Economy

  1. Created partnership with the Chamber of Commerce
  2. Web Design Class (Free at the School)
  3. Grant Writing Class – 30 participants

Actions: Set up Non-Profit

  1. Tried to partner with other non-profits in town
  1. Food Bank – missions not aligned, didn’t want to mingle funds
  2. Historical Society – different missions, non-profit not in place yet
  3. Chamber of Commerce – different kind of non-profit
  4. School – had to go to youth only
  1. Bylaws written March/April 2008
  2. Applied and received Non-profit Status with the State of Washington May 2008

Northport Community Preservation and Restoration (NCPR) formed

  1. Applied for IRS status September 2008

Actions: Boat Launch Project

  1. From Grant Writing Class – RCO Spokane (Gary and Kathy Jones, Sandra Everson in attendance)
  2. Presented to Town Council by Rebecca Middlesworth approved to proceed on their behalf
  3. Grant written
  4. Power Point Presentation worked on by High School Students
  5. Letters written asking for monetary support
  6. $30,000.00 Community Donations and volunteer labor/ need $70,000.00 more
  7. Final presentation and evaluation in Olympia on October 9, 2008

Actions: Town Sign

  1. Set up Town Sign at North end of Town
  2. Lighted sign with lettering to change according to events
  3. Dialoged with School to duplicate sign at other end of town not settled at this time

Actions: Local Area Map Brochure – Not followed through on at this time

  1. Needed someone to oversee and coordinate

Actions: Community Garden

  1. Location chosen
  2. Rows set up
  3. Top soil and fertilizer in place
  4. Volunteers in place to install fencing
  5. Needed – Fencing, someone to oversee the operation

Actions: Town Cleanup

  1. 2 years – April 2007, 2008
  2. 50 Community members participated
  3. Use of Dump Trucks, trailers, trucks, loader donated
  4. Accomplishments
  1. 64 yards cleaned
  2. 5 businesses cleaned
  3. 30 tons of garbage hauled away
  4. 8 dump trucks of metal recycled
  5. 1st year – 478 lbs aluminum cans and 177 batteries recycled, $710.00 donated

Actions: Skills Directory

  1. Forms printed and distributed through local stores
  2. Lack of good response from individuals
  3. Needed – someone to oversee and coordinate, write article and stir up interest

Actions: Big Brother/Sister

  1. Turned into Youth Mentoring Project

If you desire more information you can:

Get updates on the web at: http://northport-wa.blogspot.com/

Call Sandi Everson @ 732-8847

E-mail at info@northportcpr.org

β€’As published on Google Docs

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