A Little About Who We Are

In October of 2006, more people attended the Horizons Project in Northport, WA than any other community in Stevens County. The wide base representation which consisted of the Mayor, schools, businesses, organizations and people of the community made the project a success and birthed the Northport Community Preservation and Restoration (N.C.P.R.) organization which formed in May of 2008.

While yet unformed as NCPR, we perceived the need of our community, and wanted to be part of the Horizons Project. We met with others in the community of Northport to see if we could meet criteria for the Horizons Project Community Grant that was being offered through the Northwest Area Foundation to impact poverty in rural communities such as ours. A grant was written and was accepted on November 14 of 2006 to bring change to our community. As part of the Horizon Project we studied poverty, its effect on the community, and ways to change the trend of those effects. Now as the Northport Community Preservation and Restoration organization we are implementing those changes for the betterment of our community. Under the NCPR banner we have:

  • Started an annual community cleanup effort in the Town of Northport to help those who need help and to beautify the city.
  • Pursued a grant for improving boat launch facilities in the Town of Northport to the end that we may have a safe harbor for boat activity, and safety for children who play at the park and recreational area near the waters edge, and as well as bring in tourism for the city of Northport proper.
  • Pursued a grant to install high speed Internet to the outer areas of the Town of Northport so that it will bring a sense of connection to the world at large, and financial opportunities to those who wish to pursue entrepreneurial relations with the Internet community.

  • Started a Senior Meals Program in 2010, which provides two meals weekly and is supported by local churches and donations. 
In the future, NCPR is looking forward to partnering with the community in more projects that are envisioned. These include but are not limited to a future Youth Center, Summer Lunch Program, Buy Local/Shop Local campaign and Local Area Map Brochure, and we're pretty sure there are some more great ideas running around out there. If YOU have any ideas, give us a SHOUT over on the contact page!

Yearly Happenings

Join us for our yearly "happening" ! We will be celebrating one of those things that we do at our annual town festival. Come join the fun!

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Community Center Services

Basic office services are available at affordable prices. Fax, copies, letter writing, brochures, flyers and business cards, and hopefully more services in the future. An office space is rented to help in the sustainability of the project. Click on the link below for more information!

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